Before You Buy That Second Hand Iphone, Read This

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Monday, April 29, 2019

Hello my fellow iPhone lovers,

I know how much you so want to lay your hands on the second hand iPhone since the brand new one is not pocket friendly in this economic brouhaha.

It will be disheartening to buy ur used iPhone and upon factory reset, you discover you can't login ur details to the icloud to complete set up.

These is what some guys are doing. 

They will bypass activation lock whilst the device is still lock to previous users account. If you mistakenly format, or flashed such phone. It get locked to the previous account. In this case your icloud details will not open such phone cuz the previous owner was still registered on the iolcloud server and not yours. 

So what you need to do befor buying your second hand iphone

1. Get the imei and run a check on either paid or free server to confirm FIND MY IPHONE (FMI) is off.

If FMI is On and on the phone there no icloud details in it. Buy such device at your own risk

If FMI is off, that's a good deal. 

This warning also goes to my fellow software engineer. Befor you flash that iPhone, confirm the status of the FMI. Otherwise client may twist issues



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