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Friday, May 24, 2019

The Qur’an has been called Muhaymin in Surah al-Ma`idah Ayah 48
1. The one who watches and looks after
Literally this verb is used for when a hen spreads her wings and covers her chicks. So protecting, guarding, completely covering and controlling
2. It also means hakim that is judge
Allah watches over His creatures and is their Protector
Whether we hide it or publicize it Watching over also means He knows what is harmful and what is beneficial for us.
Remember the literal meaning  of this word: the hen covering its chicks with its wings, similarly Allah covers us with His Mercy and Protection
3.  The In-Charge
“the One Who is responsible for the care of something, the One Who has charge over it”.
4.  The Giver of Just Recompense
“the one who does not give the obedient servants less than their full award, nor punishes the sinners with greater than they deserve.”
▪ Be mindful of Allah
▪ Accept the Qadr of al-Muhaymin.
▪ Use the Qur’an, the muhaymin. 

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