Your products and services matters to us. Are you ready to promote your business to more audience in both offline and online? It can be your product, brand, seminar, programs, e.t.c. We are ready to help you out.

Our promotion can give you a great value for your money as we spread the news to our targeted audience.

Ad placement is billed on a monthly basis. If you decides to place an advert on Ofofomedia , these are the available banner spaces and prices.

Banner AD on the top header region, Bottom Footer Region, and Sidebar all costs $100 per month. A banner space costs $100 per month and multiple spaces costs more.

Why You May Want To Advertise On Our Website

  1. We have massive targeted visitors on our website as we push more traffics from RSS feed, social media and from search engine.
  2. All banner Ads will display on all posts pages for audience to easily see it.

How Do I Pay?

We accept Bank deposit, PayPal and online transfer.

To place an advert, you can contact us via

We hope to see you advertise on our website very soon.

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